5 Years On – Where Now?


The book is now on the 4th edition. It has been a journey. Improving the quality of the presentation using Adobe Creative cloud publishing software and ironing out some inconsistencies and errors. There has been some interest in the book. Approximately 800 copies might have been sold over the years – not exactly capturing the potential market – but hopefully helping a few of those who bought it to learn how to apply approximations, to aid engineers in evaluating problems and in developing their engineering intuition.


There has been some useful feedback and compliments from readers, as well as some criticism of errors picked up in the earlier versions. One such example pointed out that the book was not useful for their UK qualifying exam for the Institution of Structural Engineers. Whilst the book was not intended for helping engineers to pass exams perhaps this should be made clearer.

I hope that readers are aware that any feedback of any kind is appreciated. If any gross errors are pointed out, then all efforts are made to publicise this with any explanations needed.

All feedback is appreciated. Thank you to any who have made comment. PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING

Where to next?

Inquiries have been made as to whether there is an electronic version of the book. Hardback copies have been proposed by wholesale suppliers.

The next task will be to reintroduce myself to Adobe Creative cloud and to convert the book to an ‘epub’ format version. In order to create a hardback a version of the book with new isbn reference is possible by adjusting pages to ‘American A4’ format. It is hoped this will be in 2019

Otherwise, from time to time posts will be put up. For example on thermal breaks in beams – the benefits and structural pit falls. Any suggestions appreciated.

onwards and upwards….

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