About the Book

‘Structural Engineering Art and Approximation’

This is an easy reference guide designed to help engineers and architects with approximate structural calculation methods. Published in paperback in September 2014 by Paragon, the book is available to buy on Amazon.

‘Exercise Book’

A supplement to the above; with 15 questions, orientated towards real design challenges, which will familiarise any reader with the main book with easy to follow references throughout. It is also intended as a study tool of design techniques with simplified techniques; well suited to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Engineering Structures is typically taught in the classroom with little time devoted to real world examples and practical applications.  On graduation, an engineer has to find a way to cope quickly with learning how to apply this theoretical knowledge with very little help or guidance.

Structural Engineering Art and Approximation provides the context and examples using numerous figures and photographs that relate theory to real structures. This book gives the designer a simple set of tools to quickly and easily test ideas and alternative structural solutions with nothing more than pen, paper and a calculator.

Feedback received has made clear that some of the arguments and presentations in ‘Structural Engineering Art and Approximation’ are a little haphazard and not particularly easy to follow if the subject matter is studied without reference to specific problems. The Exercise Book is a remedy to this, for those who wish to follow the book through; taking the reader through the book to aid familiarity with the content, assisting future reference to the book. The questions are further intended to demonstrate the design process in an uncomplicated way; related to realistic problems.

Book Review

Structural Engineering Art and Approximation

A book review appeared in the April 2015 edition of the Structural Engineer magazine, published by the Institute of Structural Engineers. Click here to read the review on the Institution of Structural Engineers website.