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Forthcoming Amendments 2016

Whilst the book is primarily about approximate methods, three of the chapters, namely: 2.2 (simply supported beams), 2.3 (cantilevers) and 2.4 (continuous beams) have some errors, which do not significantly affect the explanations and answers, but nevertheless are often standard formulae and could cause confusion. The amended diagrams are shown below with amendments circled in red.

It has been noted that there are some errors in formulae in recent months. This is highly regrettable and apologies go without saying.

Five errors in formulae were corrected. In two of the diagrams stray formulae were removed from the diagrams, which should have been deleted. See below.

If the image below is ‘right-clicked’ with the mouse, and then the command ‘Save image as’ is followed and stored in a folder the image may be kept and printed as needed.

Figure 2.2.7 – incorrect shears amended (should be wL/4)

2.2.7 Symmetrical-triangular-2

Figure 2.2.9 – Right hand side shear should be wL/3

2.2.9 Point loads equiv. UDL-4.jpeg

Figure 2.2.10 – deflection for UDL should be PL^3/24EI

2.2.10 2 point load to central point load-4

Figure 2.3.2 – removed stray formula D=wL^4/115EI…top right hand corner

2.3.2 Cantilever basic principles-1.jpeg

Figure 2.3.8 – Equivalent UDL should read P/L (not 2P/L)

2.3.8 Interchangeable Loads-1

Figure 2.4.7 – small error in midspan moments – re-expressed as a proportion of simply supported moment to compare with previous examples in the chapter

2.4.7 2 Spn Beam-Hinge at 0.25L-1

Figure 2.4.8 – Left hand side midspan moment incorrect (wL^2/67) – both re-expressed as a proportion of simply supported moment to compare with previous examples in the chapter

2.4.8 2 Span Beam-Hinge at 0.33 L-1

Figure 2.5.2 – floating formula deleted from the figure…top right hand corner

2.5.2 Propped Cantilever-1.jpeg

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