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5 Years On – Where Now?

Summary The book is now on the 4th edition. It has been a journey. Improving the quality of the presentation using Adobe Creative cloud publishing software and ironing out some inconsistencies and errors. There has been some interest in the book. Approximately 800 copies might have been sold over the years – not exactly capturing […]

3rd Edition of the book due out May/June 2016

3rd Editon Due Out May/June 2016…. See previous post for a summary of the amendments… Current Copy Holders List of Amendments.. Please download: 16.05.16 (15.08.03) Summary of Amendments-issues1&2 In 2016…Exercise Book in Progress An exercise book with a series of questions with references to the book will take the reader actively through the book with […]

Book Update News

Forthcoming Amendments 2016 Whilst the book is primarily about approximate methods, three of the chapters, namely: 2.2 (simply supported beams), 2.3 (cantilevers) and 2.4 (continuous beams) have some errors, which do not significantly affect the explanations and answers, but nevertheless are often standard formulae and could cause confusion. The amended diagrams are shown below with […]