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5 Years On – Where Now?

Summary The book is now on the 4th edition. It has been a journey. Improving the quality of the presentation using Adobe Creative cloud publishing software and ironing out some inconsistencies and errors. There has been some interest in the book. Approximately 800 copies might have been sold over the years – not exactly capturing […]

April 2017 Workshop IABSE Conference – Future of Design Sheffield

IABSE WORKSHOP 21 April 2017 Merchant’s Bridge, Castlefield, Manchester Outline of Natural Frequency Assessment presented at workshop in the IABSE conference 21 April 2017 Aim of Workshop To demonstrate how the approximation of dynamic behaviour of a long-span structure using approximate techniques can provide an understanding of its characteristic behaviour. Benefits of Conceptual Design To enable […]

Aesthetics and the Engineer

50th Anniversary of a Speech by Ove Arup to members and guests of Municipal Engineers at the Town Hall, Oxford, on 24 November 1966 An Extract from the Speech Source: Ove Arup Philosophy of Design Edited by Nigel Tonks and Derek Sugden Having attended a talk recently by the Ian Firth, Senior Vice President of the […]

3d Printed Structures – What Does It Mean for Structural Engineers?

3D Bridge in Amsterdam – The Future? Image Courtesy of Construction-Manager Comment was requested on the 3D printing process and what it might mean for structural engineering. The bridge in the image is a Dutch Start-up project (MX3D) intended to be created by multi-axis robots which print metals, plastics and combinations of materials. The image […]