Category: Investigation and Analysis of Built and Historic Structures

Analysis and Investigation of existing and Historic Structures.

April 2017 Workshop IABSE Conference – Future of Design Sheffield

IABSE WORKSHOP 21 April 2017 Merchant’s Bridge, Castlefield, Manchester Outline of Natural Frequency Assessment presented at workshop in the IABSE conference 21 April 2017 Aim of Workshop To demonstrate how the approximation of dynamic behaviour of a long-span structure using approximate techniques can provide an understanding of its characteristic behaviour. Benefits of Conceptual Design To enable […]

Arena Fonte Nova

Approximate Assessment of Main Support Cables in the Arena Fonte Nova, Brazil World Cup Stadium 2014 A stunning stadium roof built for the 2014 football world cup, the  Arena Fonte Nova was designed by RFR Engineers using non linear analysis. RFR was founded by Peter Rice of Ove Arup in 1982 in Paris. In the […]

Institution of Structural Engineers HQ Stair

Appraisal of the New IStructE Stair Built in 2014 when the Institution of Structural Engineers moved to a new headquarters in Bastwick Street, Expedition Engineers undertook the design of a staircase in the main atrium, as part of their commission for the building. Hugh Broughton Architects were the architects. It was based on traditional cantilever […]