An electronic version of the book is now available on Google Play (books). It has been designed to be interactive.

Platforms (Android/Windows/Apple)

Android: Google Play is designed for use on android devices. The book is recommended for circa 9inch or greater in size. It is possible to read on a mobile phone handset, but too small possibly, except for quick reference.

Windows 10: The epub book has been modified for reading on Adobe Digital Editions software. This is a platform which is possible for running the interactive epub book. Follow the instructions to download the purchased book below:

  1. On your google play account navigate to ‘my books’ (see above).
  2. Click on ‘Download Epub’
  3. Download the file entitled: “Structural_Engineering_Art_and_Approxima-pdf.acsm”
  4. Save the file to a suitable folder location on your PC
  5. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions
  6. Open Adobe Digital Editions. Go to File>Add to Library> then navigate to stored ‘.acsm’ file.
  7. Follow instructions below to navigate opened book


How to Use the Interactive Book

Instruction for interactive use:

  • Figure references, where made can be navigated to on the relevant page (e.g. Figure 2.9.1). A hand symbol (as above) will appear. Click on this to reach page.
  • To return to previous page. When a link is made it is easy to return to the previous page by clicking on the arrow at the top left hand corner of the page
  • Noted Engineers and projects. Engineers of repute referred to in the book and noted projects and buildings (such as Firth of Forth Bridge) also have, for the most part, hyperlinks to Wikipedia pages online.
  • Figures (pages 162-165) and Index (pages 167-169): are also interactive

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