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The Structural Engineer Magazine March 2017

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  1. Sir,

    I’ve been working through the “And Finally” questions and I think there is a mistake in the solution for the vaulted roof.
    The solution says the middle third of the column ends 0.8m away from the centreline when it should be 0.4m (2.4m / 6), with 0.8m (2.4m / 3) being the full width of the middle third.


    Donald Macleod

    1. Hello Donald, Thank you for your response. I am guilty of being loose with the terminology for middle third which is explained in this month’s Structural Engineer magazine, and in the one of the latest ‘updates’ on this site. See the debate in the magazine. My use of the term ‘middle third’ should emphasise that the resultant load vector has a width no greater than 1/3 the width of the buttress. You will also find a good response from Alan Mann in the magazine.

      Kind regards

      Hugh Morrison

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